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v2.6.0 - Putting the Win in Windows

Okay, maybe Windows for development is pretty darn cool.
Released 2022-08-09

v2.5.0 - Hey! This is Great!

You never knew email could be so awesome.
Released 2020-07-09

v2.4.0 - Windows Panes Me

It's time to admit the inevitable: I dislike Windows for development.
Released 2019-11-27

v2.3.0 - Get Git

Goodbye Github
Released 2019-10-02

v2.2.0 - ALIAS

Beware Heroku, CNAMES, and MX records.
Released 2019-06-10

v2.1.0 - Gitfolio

The site was updated to contain a beatufiul GitHub-centric portfolio.
Released 2019-05-20

v2.0.0 - Afresh

Provides a brief overview of the new site. Welcome.
Released 2019-05-10

v1.0.0 - Here We Go

Initial Release.
Released 2014-05-01 |