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v2.3.0 - Get Git

Released 2019-10-02

Well hi there.

So a cool thing just happened. A new self-hosted git solution is available and it's a really hard deal to beat.

That's right - a one time fee of $15 will get you your own Gitea installation.

If you can't wait:

Gitea is a fork of Gogs - a Go-based self-hosted GitHub-esque web interface. As with most things that are self-hosted, it's obnoxious to get something set up and working just the way you want but the benefits are obvious. Gitea lets you have private repos, organizations, and all the collaborative tools and features you've come to expect from GitHub - for free.

Well the folks over at GetGit are taking care of the tough stuff for you. Not only do they spin up your very own Gitea installation - but it only costs you $15 bucks...once. Heyooo.

I got GetGit. You should get GetGit too! |