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v1.0.0 - Here We Go

Released 2014-05-01

It all started with a Commodore 64.

My dad had an old "laptop-style" Commodore SX-64 with a tiny 5" screen. It was on this screen I was introduced to the wonderful world of Chopper, Raid Over Moscow, DigDug, Kickstart, Raid on Bungling Bay, and Beach Head 2. With a blister on the middle of my hand from working the Atari joystick we used, I first discovered how much I love technology. Much later, after an upgraded screen, an IBM PC, and a dozen or so Windows 95 computers, I began to turn my love of technology into a useful skill.

It wasn't until my senior year of college, studying radio and tv, that I realized my inclination towards web programming. It was a simple student project, but it opened up my mind. It was as if that project was the 5" screen on that old Commodore, letting me peek into a fantastic world. PHP, MySQL, Joomla, and the Open Source community as a whole quickly became my friends.

My dad taught me to never fear the unknown, but rather to crack it open and learn! In that spirit, I approach web programming with a confidence in my ability to learn new things and solve problems. Nothing is impossible, it's all about how much time and energy you're willing to invest. Your work is a direct reflection on your character and yourself as an individual and thus, I strive to be efficient, honest, and stubborn (against bugs) with a little bit of fun thrown in the mix.

Let's get started!

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