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v2.4.0 - Windows Panes Me

Released 2019-11-27

Since I was a wee lad I used a Windows PC. From the days of the early MS-DOS computers to Windows 10, it was all I knew.

I learned to be a web developer using a Windows PC and all my habits centered around the Microsoft way of computing.

In June 2018 I was hired by a team that uses exclusively Apple machines. Now, as a long-time Windows curmudgeon I was loathe to adopt a new ecosystem but I in no way wanted to cause problems by being the only dev with an oddball setup. So I stuck it out.

I am here today to tell you that after a year and a half of solid Mac use - I could never go back to developing on a PC. Using a unix-based system just can't be beat! Servers, databases, coding languages, version control, package managers, virtualization...they all work better on a non-Windows system. I can't say enough good about being able to open up a unix-like shell and in just a few minutes spin up web servers, import tasks, and all manner of other useful tools.

If you are struggling with the idea of moving, take heart, if I can make the move you can too. While I may not ever buy a Mac, I will most certainly be using a Linux-distro for my next development machine - no doubt.

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